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I’ve seen a lot of decals in my time as a baby blogger but there’s something a little bit cooler about these particular decals. Love Mae insist that their decals are washable, unscrunchable, resilient and reusable. So your children can put them on the wall themselves and move them as many times as they like! Which fits in nicely for two of my favourite designs of theirs.

But first! Lots of other lovely designs. When it comes to wall decor there’s one thing better than incredibly versatile wall decals. And that’s incredibly versatile wall decals that look this pretty…

Love letters

And for my favourites? First up are the scrabble tiles. You get loads on a sheet and your kids can make up sentences or spell out areas of their room. I think you could even call this one educational :)

Dress up dolls

Far and away the most awesome of all though… dress up dolls! You get lots of different designs to a sheet and one photo even gives you a clever idea of how to display them: with string and mini pegs. Your little one will love using these stickers again and again…

… and you’ll love a toy that can’t clutter up the floor ;)

 Heart Debs

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