DIY Balloon Wreath

So, for the first of my DIY tutorials on the back of Beatrice’s birthday party, I am going to show you how to make a lovely balloon wreath. This is a really simple and very effective decoration that can be adapted to suit pretty much any party theme. All you need to do is change the colours, pattern and balloon sizes and you can make a very different impact. Be warned however, that this is not a particularly cheap decoration despite it being one you can make yourself. I used 150 12” balloons, which cost me £25. You could use smaller balloons, which are cheaper per piece, but you would need more balloons, so I think the cost would work out to be similar. Then the wreath-shaped oasis (bought from my local florist) was £5. The only thing thrifty in this tutorial in fact are the pins. Florist pins (the type that would be used to make wreaths) were going to prove costly – at 10p per pin, so I scoured our local pound shop and found 200 kirby grips/bobby pins for £1 – bargain!

Balloon wreath 1

You need to use 1 pin for every 3 balloons to create a nice, full effect. Add each balloon individually, pulling it as far down the pin as possible before adding the next balloon, so they all end up squashed into the far end of the pin. Then, just push the pin into the oasis, as far as it will go.

Balloon wreath 2

Continue to add balloons to pins and pins to oasis all the way around the wreath, spreading them out so that some are pinned closer to the edge and some are more in the middle, to ensure good coverage. I also didn’t have all of the balloons facing the same way i.e. add one pointing up, one down and then one up, on some pins. Just to keep the random pattern of the wreath.

Balloon wreath 3

And there you have it! A lovely balloon wreath to behold! The best part? All of the balloons are reusable, so once you’re done with the wreath, you have 150 balloons to make your next party decoration with! (And a wreath shaped oasis to wrap in tissue paper and use to stand your cake pops in!) Maybe not so expensive afterall… :)

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