Creative cakes

When I did my Choosing Chalkboards post, research did not lead me to this next amazing idea: chalkboard cakes!

Chalkboard Cake

I love this. Probably even more so because I’m such a fan of weddings and adore the idea of a toy like this bringing out the cake designer in your little one. Anything that inspires creativity is good right? :)

What’s even better about this is that it’s a DIY project. Yay! All it takes is hat boxes, glue, chalkboard paint and this tutorial and you’ve got yourself a toy that can be enjoyed for hours…

Chalkboard Cake

Awesome image credit: Paper, Plate and Plane via Craft:

But what if your little one doesn’t want to play at designing cakes? Well then why not take any wooden toy and coat it in chalkboard paint?! I imagine it working really well on a wooden car or dolls’ house too :)

 Heart Debs

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