Children in Fox’s Clothing

Little Goodall is an Etsy shop selling beautiful coats for children, with an emphasis on creative yet classic design and high quality. Our favourites are these animal inspired coats! They’re just so gorgeous!

Little Goodall 2Little Goodall 1

Offering a mix of classical and whimsical, coats by Little Goodall are just too lovely for words. There are pandas and foxes, bears and dinosaurs. Something for every little person (and even some bigger ones for us mums!)

Little Goodall 5Little Goodall 4Little Goodall 3Little Goodall 7Little Goodall 6Little Goodall 10Little Goodall 9Little Goodall 8

Total loveliness!

 Heart Verity

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2 Responses to “Children in Fox’s Clothing”

  1. Leaff Design says:

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely love these! Great find!

  2. Juliane says:


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