Beatrice’s Sunshine and Rainbows party

Today I want to show you a very special party. It’s my youngest, Beatrice’s, first birthday party! With a sunshine and rainbows theme, in pastel shades because she’s still our baby, we had lots of lovely colours all over the house, and the kids loved it (as did I)!

The food consisted of rainbow sandwiches (wrapped in coloured tissue paper), rainbow cone snacks, sunshine jellies, milkshake and Beatrice’s birthday cake was a sunshine with a rainbow of rainbow drop cakes! The party bags had ‘you are my sunshine’ labels, were filled with pastel coloured goodies and multi-coloured pom-poms which were handmade for the guests by our 7 year old, Alice.

We did absolutely everything ourselves, including making all of the food, the decorations and Beatrice’s tutu and I have put together a number of very simple DIY tutorials to show how to do it all yourself over the next few weeks :)Click here for the balloon wreath tutorial.

Here are some of Beatrice’s lovely friends, and a very tired birthday girl at the end of the day!

She had a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who shared her special day :)

Awesome images credit: Gavin Trezise

 Heart Verity

PS While you’re here, don’t forget to check out this week’s competition!

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7 Responses to “Beatrice’s Sunshine and Rainbows party”

  1. lisa longton says:

    Wow, this actually brought tears to my eyes. I wish I was as creative. Beautiful xx

  2. Verity says:

    Aw, what a lovely thing to say!! Thanks Lisa xx

  3. Carly says:

    What a beautiful party. How did you make the balloon wreath?

  4. Verity says:

    Thank you! It’s dead easy, they’re just pinned to oasis. Keep an eye out this Friday for the tutorial :)

  5. Debs says:

    You see this is exactly why I want children! So I can plan cool parties! Only joking, sort of ;) Verity, you did bloomin’ brilliantly. I love it! And Beatrice is one beautiful baby :) (way too many b letters in this comment) xxx

  6. Louise says:

    Beautiful!! You are far too creative & talented not to be doing this full time! x

  7. Amy says:

    Oh wow vezity! :-) It looks bloody amazing! :-) Didnt go for the toffee idea then? :-) xxxx

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