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Have I already told you I love wooden toys? Probably. If not I’m about to now! They’re just much prettier than plastic toys in my opinion. And I will definitely be buying wooden toys for the future kids and trying to steer them away from the plastic. No big deal if that doesn’t work though I’d be quite happy playing with the wooden toys myself :)

So for today’s toy feature I wanted to focus on beautiful, classic children’s toys that your children will love to play with but you’ll also love to look at.

Pin Toys have so many products, all looking similarly lovely, so I had to narrow it down to a few faves…

When they grow up…

..maybe they want to be a fireman, or a policeman or have a family; spark their imaginations with the cutest wooden dolls I ever did see!


Cooking and cleaning…

…but way more fun! I love the retro-look and clean colours on these essential kitchen items.


Music maker

Much more beautiful than pots and pans and they probably sound a LOT nicer too!


For the fairy

My absolute favourite item! I love these tooth holders so much I think they should be essential for keeping teeth safe until the fairy comes to collect :D


Cute! If you love wooden toys like these ones definitely go and check out the Pin Toys site and find out where to buy these beautiful toys by clicking here.

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