Picnic Picks

Children’s picnics don’t have to be all about pink wicker baskets and china teapots, there is much, much more available out there to allow the whole family to enjoy an outdoor meal together. Here are just a few ideas to get you started :)

Picnic with kids

  1. Very cute picnic basket from Melissa and Doug. Also available from Amazon.
  2. Extra cool drinks bottles from Sigg.
  3. Picnic blanket and bag that could easily double as a baby bag by Minene.
  4. Rainbow cutlery and picnic tableware from the Kalas range at Ikea.
  5. Huge outdoor cushions in a range of colours from Made.
  6. Traditional, wooden, outdoor games from Little Lazy.
  7. Lovely, handmade, reusable napkins by Little Bird’s Boutique on Etsy .
  8. A very clever windshield that doubles as a sunshade for the little ones by Khyam.

So now there’s nothing stopping you from packing up your sandwiches, gathering up the kids and taking lunch outside for a change. But if you’re in the UK, just don’t forget your brolly! :)

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