National S’mores Day

Happy National S’mores day everyone! (You knew that right?!) ;) If you’re in the US, you probably did. Anywhere else and you will just have to accept this as a reason for me to bring you lots of lovely S’mores pictures, recipes and equipment…

This is a really lovely DIY tutorial by Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted on Valley And Co for S’mores kits which could be used as party favours, or maybe even a birthday gift.

S'mores kit

A UK-friendly S’mores recipe on Babble, replacing Graham crackers with digestive biscuits.

Digestives S'mores

This delish looking cookie is from Cookie Crowd on Etsy, and was photographed by Oh Joy blog.

S'mores cookie

So you want to make S’mores, but you’re lacking a campfire? No problem!

S’more to love’s S’mores maker works in the oven or on the barbecue. “Perfect S’mores anywhere in just 5 minutes”. You can buy these in the UK from Langton Info Services.

S'more to love

Casa Moda’s S’mores maker has a lazy susan turntable so all at the table can share in the fun. Available to buy (internationally) from Amazon.

Casa Moda

Toast your marshmallows to perfection on Nostalgia Electrics old-fashioned S’mores maker, ready to be united with biscuits and chocolate (and then your mouth!), via Incredible Things.

Nostalgia Electrics

Really in a rush for your S’mores? This microwave maker by Progressive will have 2 ready in just 30 seconds!


However you make them, enjoy s’more S’mores!

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