Generally, when Beatrice is given a book, be it board or paper, I give it around 15 minutes before she’ll (as with most babies) have either demolished or digested it. The number of books in her library with missing corners far outweighs the more intact kind and it upsets me when books get damaged. So, when I found Indestructibles I just had to give them a try, and indestructible they are!

They quote chew proof and rip proof, but I think they might be bomb proof! ;) I received mine 2 weeks ago and have had Beatrice intensively ‘testing’ it every day since, along with every other child (and adult actually!) we have met along the way and it is as intact as it was when it arrived! Ok, so it’s slightly creased and does look used, but the sentences end when they should and none of the illustrations have been maimed.

Indestructibles are not only teeth and finger proof, but they are waterproof, washable and soft enough to roll up tight to fit in any bag, so very portable too. One down side to this is they are so lightweight, mine almost blew away when Beatrice had it in the pram! But I suppose that’s pretty obvious with a paper book, I must have been having a tired day…

The actual story part of the books don’t have any text in them, only illustrations, to encourage dialogic reading which I (and I think Beatrice) also really liked.

So, reading material that even ‘Beatrice the detroyer’ hasn’t managed to annihilate? These books deserve their name :)

 Heart Verity

PS If you have a product that you would like to see put through it’s paces by some very rigorous testers, just get in touch!

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2 Responses to “Indestructibles”

  1. Beautiful photos of an attempted destruction. I would love to repost them on my blog. Would that be ok?

  2. Verity says:

    That would most definitely be OK! :)

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