Ava’s Tea Party

Ava's Tea Party

Today’s post is a little different to the usual light-hearted banter and cute finds because I wanted to share with you something that’s important to me. That beautiful little girl in the image above is Ava. I’ve never met her but I know a lot about her through reading her mum Sheye’s blog. I can’t remember how I came across Sheye’s work but as soon as I saw it she became, and remains, one of my favourite photographers. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Sheye wasn’t just a fantastic photographer but she was also a grieving mother that had lost her daughter in a tragic accident.

Ava had climbed into the family’s unlocked car that was sat on the sunny driveway and, unable to find a way out, the heat was too much for her to take.

I can’t imagine how you would deal with something this unbearable but Sheye has bravely written a lot about her grief and I imagine, in doing so, she has helped others trying to come to terms with such a loss. I’ve loved getting to know Ava through Sheye’s blog, along with her three other beautiful children, and wanted to use today’s post to pass on the invite to Ava’s Tea Party…

Ava's Tea Party

Ava’s family never got to share a tea party with her. They had planned to but sadly it wasn’t to be. In 2008 Sheye asked Mandy, of Belle & Boo, if she’d create an illustration of what Ava’s Tea Party may have looked like (the gorgeous image above) and in 2009 she took it one step further by marking Ava’s birthday with a pink-filled tea party. She invited the blogging community to join in and Ava’s Annual Tea Party was born, with parties held around the world. It continues to grow every year.

Making time

As Sheye puts it, “Ava’s Tea Party is about taking time. Making time. Moments put aside to love and laugh with those you adore. Bake a cake. Or open the cookies. Make pink milk and sing. Wear pretty aprons and pick fresh flowers and above all else, be glad, give thanks and cherish.”

Ava's Tea Party

Awesome image credit: Chelsea Hudson Photography

Simple is still sweet

Ava would have been 8 this coming Monday, the 22nd August, and whilst this leaves little time to plan an elaborate party in her honour that’s not really what it’s about. A story like Ava’s needs to remind us how precious life is and how we have to cherish what we have. So even if it’s just a cupcake and a cuddle it will be wonderful.

If you’d like to find out more head to Ava’s Tea Party. I’ve also included other links that may interest you at the end of this post. Please, please read Ava’s Rule and share it wherever you can; it importantly highlights how dangerously hot cars can get.

I hope you can spare a moment on Monday or any other day this August to enjoy the company of those you love with a few tea party-type treats. And if you do please share some images with the Ava’s Tea Party page, I’m sure Ava’s family would love to see them.

Ava's Tea Party

Awesome image credit:Jamie Kricker

With love to Sheye, Crayton and family.

 Heart Debs

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2 Responses to “Ava’s Tea Party”

  1. rebecca simpson-hargreaves says:

    Oh Debs this is heartbreaking, losing a child is one if the worst things someone can experience, I’ll make sure I have a tea party with my beautiful two and I’ll repost this info on my blog Xx

  2. Michelle says:

    I remember you showing me this blog Debs, such a devastating story and such a brave lady! Will be thinking of Ava on Monday. Me and G had a tea party on Friday – I’m sure we can have another in memory! X

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