Animal Prints

Now I’m not talking about introducing leopard print to the nursery here, although if you were going to have a jungle themed room perhaps that is something you should consider ;) I’m actually keen to show you beautiful prints of photographed animals that can be found at The Animal Print Shop. Photographer Sharon Montrose has combined her love of photography with her love of animals and come up with contemporary artwork that would look adorable adorning nursery walls.

It’s a somewhat simple idea (those ideas are often the best) in that she takes a picture of an animal and drops it into a fresh white background in Photoshop. The results are striking. And with affordable, open editions to more expensive, limited runs there’s sure to be a print for every budget. There are also so many animals to choose from too, so if you want a monkey for your cheeky little one or a fluffy bunny that’s just as cuddly as your kid you can go right ahead…


Monkey for me please! So cute!

 Heart Debs

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One Response to “Animal Prints”

  1. Michelle says:

    Aw!!! I love these!! Squirrel clock and forest creature picture for Gabrielle’s birthday this year!! :-)

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