Undercover Bears

Tiny Tots Direct contacted me recently to ask if I’d like to review one of their new travel products, and when I saw their pictures, well, how could I refuse!

Undercover bears lug

These Undercover Bears from Lug are travel blankets and pillows in one handy (and adorable) carry case. The blanket and (deflated) pillow very neatly fold away into the Undercover Bear when not in use, and are plenty big enough when unfolded and inflated to keep the kids nice and comfy. The ultra, ULTRA soft fabric is so lovely we’ve almost had a fight break out over it already! :) I have washed ours and it’s still super fluffy.

Undercover Bears Potts

These pillow/blanket combos are perfect for in the car, on a train or plane, at the beach or out and about pretty much anywhere. They come in a range of colours to suit just about any kid, and each one is a different Undercover Agent. Ours is Agent Potts. Her card says: Twirling and whirling across life’s dance floor, precious Potts delights all her admirers. Her grace and charm are dazzling; her exuberance, enchanting. As she bends and sways in a jolly display, she takes pride in covering you with joy.

Get yours from Tiny Tots Direct and they’ll give you a 1 hour window for delivery, which can be changed by text if it is inconvenient – very handy!

 Heart Verity

P.S. If you have a product that you feel would suit the site and that you would like us to review just get in touch.

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