Theater Clouds

Have I got some whimsical, wonderful and downright gorgeous artwork for the nursery today? Yes, yes I have…

Ontario-based Elly MacKay creates her incredible images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers which she then sets up in a miniature theater. A little like this…


But then when she plays around with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and photographs the scenes the result is this…


I love them! The layering gives them a definite 3D quality and the blur makes them so magical.

Once again I’ve shown you something I want for myself that is perfect for children too! But I guess that’s just what I’m drawn to. Things bought for baby don’t have to be something that will only work for their first few years, they can be something your little one will love for a long time. Perhaps even until they decide to put it in their own child’s nursery. And there’s something lovely about that :)

 Heart Debs

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Elly’s website
Theater Chouds Etsy Shop
Elly’s blog

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One Response to “Theater Clouds”

  1. Leaff Design says:

    These are really beautiful Debs, great find!

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