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There are so many beautifully created toys that you may well want for yourself but can’t justify buying. I call them shelf toys. Because it’s always easier to justify buying them for your children but they’re a little too pretty to be played with so they’ll just have to look amazing sitting on a shelf! This is better when your child’s really little and doesn’t even know they really exist, it’s a little mean not letting them play with something you’ve purposefully put in their room ;)

Jennifer Murphy creates such ‘shelf toys’ that would be the perfect accompaniment to a nursery. You can tell yourself you’ve bought it for your child, and in a way you have as they’d make great heirlooms, but really for a good while you’ll get the most pleasure out of looking at it.

Teddy trade

Jen learnt the trade of teddy-making through her parents who still make and sell beautiful Murphy Bears today. She started when she was 11 and has now created lots of different animals, each intricately handcrafted and utterly adorable to gaze upon…


The only downside to these toys is that they’re not easy to get hold of! Jen lists all her new creations on this page and it’s literally first come first served. If you want one then it’s worth reading these tips on how to purchase them fast! The upside? Apart from their obvious aesthetic appeal, these toys are limited and in demand so if you manage to secure one you’ll know you own something truly special :)

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