Pick ‘n’ Mix Party

Xanthe Rose is the youngest of four children belonging to fabulous photographer, Juliet McKee. This year, for her 4th birthday, Juliet decided to throw Xanthe Rose a ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ party with a rainbow colour scheme, and the results are absolutely gorgeous!


Such fantastic colours! The beautiful colour scheme also spilled out into the garden…


What a beautiful birthday girl :) And here are the kids filling their pick ‘n’ mix favour bags (this would be my favourite part)!


Where everything came from

  1. Pom poms from instruction by Martha Stewart
  2. Tissue paper and balloons from Paperchase
  3. Sweetie jars, lanterns and sun catchers from Poundland
  4. Brightly coloured sweetie pots Primark
  5. Sweeties from Sweetstall.com
  6. Giant cupcake mould from Amazon
  7. Bouncy castle from Fun 4 Kids
  8. The birthday girl’s dress from Sainsburys

Awesome images credit: Juliet McKee

For more awesome images of this beautiful party, head over to Juliet’s blog. Well done for steering clear of the plastic bunting Juliet! ;) And thank you for sharing!

 Heart Verity

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5 Responses to “Pick ‘n’ Mix Party”

  1. Looks fantastic, just love all of the colours!

  2. Sue says:

    What an amazing lot of photos! Loved the vivid colours and beautiful ideas. Very clever!!

  3. Verity says:

    Isn’t it just fab!! :)

  4. rebecca simpson-hargreaves says:


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