No-Sew Gorgeous Garlands

Bunting is just so whimsical! It always makes me smile yet can have hundreds of different effects. Here are just a few.

Awesome images courtesy of…

  1. Beach bunting Home from the sea
  2. Window bunting Red Direct
  3. Beach hut bunting Red Direct
  4. Striped bunting Deckchair Stripes
  5. Country kitchen bunting The Sewing Directory
  6. Wood panel bunting Crochet Cool
  7. Nursery bunting ohdeedoh
  8. Homemade bunting The Guardian
  9. Garden bunting Garden Textiles
  10. Bedroom bunting Crochet Cool

It’s a lovely way to brighten up a children’s party room, garden, bedroom or play area, though it can be expensive to buy and time consuming to make. But not if you make no-sew bunting like this offering from lil blue boo.

And here are the results…

So simple yet just as effective as bunting you’ve spent a few days making! OK, so it won’t last forever, but if you just want it for decorating a party, then you won’t necessarily want it to last forever. And if you’re hanging it in a bedroom, then as long as no one is swinging from it, it probably will last forever! (Or at least until the demands for Hannah Montana wallpaper are made…) :)

 Heart Verity

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