I want an SUV Monster

As someone who just put up my Miffy calendar in my new room this week, the next artist I’m about to show you is right up my street! Simple, bold, bright and cute. When it comes to illustration if it has those features I’m sold. And grinning at the same time :D Anyway I shouldn’t really be talking about me, I’m 28! But the style of illustration I love is just as equally suited to little ones and I’m sure would make them smile just as much as me!

On to the illustrator… Hsinping Pan grew up in Taiwan and has now moved to California, all the while she drew delights such as these…


Insanely cute right?! I want the SUV Monster print!

Hsinping also created some gorgeous cards to help with the relief work in Japan, they’re only $4 (roughly £2.50) and 100% of the sale will go to those that were affected by the devastating earthquake:


Lovely :)

 Heart Debs

Vendor Details:
Hsin Ping Pan’s Etsy Store

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