Fortunately for me, there are 6 years between my two children which means that I have never felt the guilt from a tired toddler begging to be carried as their younger sibling enjoys the comfort of a pram. But, I can easily imagine how difficult it is and know that I would likely end up with a very sore arm in the resolution of this problem! Not since I’ve discovered Mountain Buggy’s Freerider however. Akin to the buggy boards I am sure we’re all familiar with, but with one major advantage – it doubles as a scooter!

Mountain buggy freerider

It clips to the back of the pram so that your tired toddler can ride along too, or, when they have a bit more energy, they can scoot on it! It also folds up against the back of the pram so that it’s out of the way when it’s not being used at all. It comes in 4 colour options, black, blue, pink and orange and is compatible with a number of prams through the use of different connectors. Click here to check if your pram is compatible yet.

Mountain buggy freerider colours

Such a brilliant idea!

 Heart Verity

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