Blackboard book

This baby book is so sweet! I love taking pictures and am hoping I’ll be pretty good at it by the time I have children. But I really need to actually print the pictures. So many of us don’t and they just sit on a computer never to really be enjoyed. This project by Hanna Mac is great for not only having printed versions of precious portraits of her beautiful baby girl but it also records her baby’s first year.

For each month she has photographed her daughter and also photographed a chalkboard where she wrote the changes and achievements that had taken place that month. In between these key pages she plans to fill the book with loads of images taken that month. She’s mocked up how it’s going to look…


Awesome images: Hanna Mac

… and I love it!

Anybody else doing something similar with photos of their little loved ones?

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One Response to “Blackboard book”

  1. Zoe says:

    ooooh can I somehow rewind time and do this for my youngest! LOVE it!

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