Haven’t we been having some beautiful weather recently! We’ve been making the most of it by getting out and about as much as possible with the pram. My least favourite part of these outings however, has to be wrestling with the parasol! I don’t know if it’s just me, but the constant need to move it around to get the shade in the right place is so annoying! So I thought I would see if there was another way, and of course, there is. The BabbaCover by BabbaCo is such a device. Fitting over all standard infant car seat covers and providing 40-50+ SPF and UV protection, these covers mean that baby doesn’t need sun cream and you don’t need to spend your day fighting with the parasol!



Babbacovers also allow for easy access to baby, have mosquito netting to the sides and are machine washable AND if you’re sorted for Summer but need something a bit more wintry, they also have that covered! (No pun intended)


They’re not just practical, these car seat covers are cute too! :)

 Heart Verity

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  1. Savannah Rominger says:

    When it comes to seat covers, i always use natural cotton fibers for my seat covers because they have that unique feel on the skin. *””*:

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