Training Dresser

I’m a big fan of cool and quirky design for kids. Even if it’s a tad on the expensive side (in this case $1500!) I still want to show it you because innovative design is still nice to simply admire :) And the product that I found myself admiring recently was The Training Dresser designed by Seattle-based Peter Bristol. The chest of drawers is given a new, and way more exciting, lease of life in this educational and totally cute to look at piece of furniture. It may even kid your child into thinking that putting away clothes is fun. And I think all parents could benefit from that ;)


And as Peter states “like Dr. Seuss and Pixar, the Training Dresser is for more than one audience”. Because if you’re a grown-up that likes striking design and loves separating your tees from your trousers or your skirts from your frilly knickers (love that they’re frilly!) then this one could be for you too!

 Heart Debs

Vendor Details:
Peter Bristol’s website
Contact Peter
Phone: +1 206 291 8129

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One Response to “Training Dresser”

  1. Love this Debs! Gonna have to get Gav to make me one… :oD

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