Olive’s 8th Birthday

Today I bring you a fantastic party from Design Mom in conjunction with Sticky Fingers, Denver, USA – Les Petites Chefs Party.

A great party for both boys and girls, this would be a brilliant idea to get everyone involved and keep them engaged, and although it would be a little more work without the help of people like Sticky Fingers, I think it would be worth it!

Petites chefs Design Mom

The guests began by decorating their own chef’s hat – you couldn’t have a cookery party without chef’s hats, and these are particularly lovely examples!


Once the children were suitably chef-like, they began the cooking and on the menu? Parmesan and ricotta gnocchi over peaches with prosciutto and parmesan plus honey lavender dressing, if you please!! I can only just say it, let alone make it, but it looks like the kids did a pretty good job!


They finished off with pretty little birthday cupcakes.


And then, to take home – laminated recipe cards featuring Olive’s special recipe and cute little red and white ruffled aprons.


Many thanks to Olive’s Mum, Gabrielle, for sharing this very cool party with us! :)

If you have had or are planning a cookery party for your little ones, please feel free to send us your pictures too!

 Heart Verity

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3 Responses to “Olive’s 8th Birthday”

  1. Sari says:

    I just found your site and I am in love with all of your posts! I’m a huge party enthusiast too!! I’m planning my daughters 3 & 4 birthday party now and I’m in a desperate hunt for a recipe for icing that looks just like the type in this post. Do you know what it’s called so I can try and find a recipe?!

    Thanks Ooodles, Sari

  2. Hi Sari,
    I have contacted the people at Happy Cakes and they can’t give you the recipe, but they can sell you the frosting! I will email you with the details. Their website is http://www.happycakes.com/menu.html

  3. Sari says:

    Thanks for the extra effort Verity! I’m in beautiful Tropical Queensland in Australia so sadly I wouldn’t be able to buy any icing from them but I wish I could.

    xo Sari

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