Knives, Forks and Boon

Boon first caught my eye when I saw this brilliant little invention of theirs – Squirt. It’s a baby food spoon with a difference – the spoon is the container for the food too! The hollow handle holds 3oz of baby food which squeezes straight onto the spoon, true genius. So you can feed your baby on the go, one-handed and without the worry of little hands finding their way into the bowl. Then, once baby is fed, replace the lid and stick the spoon straight back into your changing bag to be cleaned once you get home, and it won’t leave carrot juice all over everything. I like this very much!

Squirt Boon

In addition to Squirt, Boon have loads of other cool mealtime products such as Wrap – body armour for bowls! (I doubt it offers much toe protection, but at least your crockery will remain unscathed!)

Wrap Boon

Benders – adaptable utensils which can be positioned to accommodate any grip in any direction, brilliant for children learning to feed themselves.

Benders Boon

Grass – a countertop drying rack that allows your accessories to air dry and, well, just looks really cool!

Grass Boon

And my favourite, Flair – a one-piece seat with pneumatic lift, removable foam seat cover and dishwasher friendly tray – could you want any more from a highchair? :)

Flair Boon

Trust me, these are just a sample of Boon’s coolness, you need to check out their website and where to buy for yourself!

In addition to all this, Boon also donate 10% of all their profits to children’s charities – yet another cool feature!

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  1. Debs says:

    These are awesome! That bowl holder thing is ingenious!

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