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Since Father’s Day is on the horizon, we thought we would focus on Daddy related features this week and, with that in mind, may I present The Roddler by Kid Kustoms! Part Hot Rod, part stroller, what could any Dad want more from a baby transportation device?!

Kid Kustoms Roddler1

As if the Roddler wasn’t cool enough as a pushchair alone, it also very cleverly converts into a tricycle for when your baby isn’t a baby anymore! (Or at least not a little one – do they ever really stop being our babies?!) :)

Kid Kustoms Trike

Kid Kustoms invited the world’s best hot rod stripers, street artists, illustrators, air brushers, graphic designers, and cartoonists to compete to design their custom fenders, and here are some of the brilliant results.

Fenders Kid Kustoms

With (this bit’s for the boys…) aluminum stainless hardware, custom painted fenders, high grade leatherette upholstery, leafspring and hairpin suspension (what?!), pivoting front wheel, adjustable handle bar and 52 spoke wheels, this pram is more luxurious than my car, and at $3500 (Just over £2150) it’s probably worth more too! Now I don’t know about all that technical stuff, but I could quite fancy walking down the street with one of these bad boys myself, never mind the Dads! (Just as soon as that lottery win comes in of course…)

Kid Kustoms Roddler2

Cool Daddy pram? Oh very definitely. Father’s Day present for my Gavin? Perhaps not this year :)

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