Funkie Baby

Those of you who have ever been in contact with a baby for any amount of time will know that they leak. A lot. From everywhere. Funkie Baby have a range of products that help to control this lost fluid whilst looking pretty darn funkie! Each of their products has a lovely looking, soft cotton top and bottom layer and a hidden waterproof layer in between. So no matter which way around you use them, baby will look good and feel comfortable and you/their clothes/your carpet will be safe!

And I’m not just talking bibs, oh no, they also make travel changing mats which can roll up to hold all your changing accessories, large travel mats, for nap time, picnics, beaches etc, Wiggle mats for, well, wiggling on and Burpies for burping!

Funkie Baby

I’ve never seen so much droolproof coolness all in one place! I’ve included the last image especially for our in-house sushi-lover, Debs. I think I might buy her one just to admire! :)

Check out Funkie Baby’s store locator to find your nearest stockist.

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One Response to “Funkie Baby”

  1. Debs says:

    I love all of these especially the sushi one! :D

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