Fields of lavender

When I first came across Eddie Judd’s work it was the lavender fields that took my breath away. I have been waiting to show you these images and now that the lavender is in bloom the timing is perfect! Because if you fall in love with these images as much as I have you can call Eddie immediately and get a date booked in for your own lovely Lavender shoot :)

Here’s what Eddie shared when I asked her for more info on the lavender fields…

The lavender is usually in full bloom in June and July and harvested for lavender product production at the beginning of August. There are a few different type of lavender so they are harvested at different times. The fields are full of bees which is a wonderful sight – they are not bothered about the children running up and down at all, they are in heaven – the bees and the children!!! You also see a variety of butterflies which is wonderful. At the particular fields I go to they have lavender cup-cakes for sale which the kids love!

Your smiling children against a sea of purple? These are images you are bound to cherish forever…


Breathtakingly beautiful.

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Eddie Judd’s website
Eddie Judd’s blog
Contact Eddie
Phone: 07966 132075

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4 Responses to “Fields of lavender”

  1. Helen says:

    Eddie’s work is stunning, our babies are the top ones and we are still so thrilled with the photographs, a year on! The family one is one of my favourites as we rarely get the chance to get one all together…I can’t recommend Eddie enough, and the lavender fields, just stunning! (But wear covered shoes-lots of stingers!!)

  2. Debs says:

    Your babies are beautiful Helen :) I’m so in love with the lavender fields and Eddie’s photography… I just need my own babies now :)

  3. Michelle says:

    Ahhhhh! Deebs! Love these pics, they’re beautiful in the lavender! Especially love the daddy – daughter one at the bottom! Awww!
    Cute! :-)

  4. Debs says:

    When Gabs and any other little ones that may come along are older you’ll have to give Eddie a call – images like this are needed! :D

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