Sabotage (and pom poms)

Today is a sad day :'( Debs leaves for Canada TOMORROW! I told her I would put together a DIY pom pom related post for today, which wasn’t a complete lie…

Look – pictures of pom poms!

(I will actually use pom poms more constructively at a later date when Debbie isn’t doing anything drastic like emigrating. But for now, just enjoy the pretty pom pom pictures!)

pom pom scarfpom pom heartspom pom cushionpom pom bootspom pom wreathpom pom necklacepom pom hatpom pom curtainpom pom headbandpom pom drapepom pom treespom pom rugpom pom cake3 pom pom garland2 pom pom garlandpom pom garland1

Awesome images courtesy of…

  1. Red scarf Femme Enfant
  2. Heart garland All In One Days Time
  3. Grey pillow Elsie Marley
  4. Baby boots Knit Provisation on Etsy
  5. Birthday cake Dad Can DO
  6. Flower necklace Everbloomtee on Etsy
  7. Pink hat Baba Moon on Etsy
  8. Valentine garland Noodlehead
  9. Reggae headband Elsie Marley
  10. Lampshade garland The Craft Cafe
  11. Trees Glamasaurus on Misi
  12. Rug Milk Tooth’s Rain
  13. Wreath Bleubird
  14. Outdoor Garland Honestly Wtf
  15. Love Garland Fresh and Fun
  16. Mirror Garland Charlotte’s Fancy

OK, so I did the pom pom thing, on to completely embarrassing Debbie!! Only joking Debs, you can stop cringing :) (Temporarily at least…)

I do just want to say, I’LL REALLY MISS YOU DEBS!! You are an absolute pleasure, and I am sad that you’re not going to be here anymore – to make me brilliant pizzas, rubbish brews and laugh at my babies! It is a joy to be your friend and a delight to work with you and I wish you all the luck in the world on your amazing adventure. I hope you find smiles aplenty and I hope more that Canada appreciates the treasure that it’s gaining. But don’t stay away for too long… Or I WILL come and find you!!

(With this picture…)

Debs and Verity

(Maybe I should’ve cropped my head off…?)

Love ya Debs! xx

 Heart Teary-eyed Verity

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9 Responses to “Sabotage (and pom poms)”

  1. Jen says:

    Hope you have a fab time Debs – you’ll have to set up a new blog to keep us all informed of your adventures xxx

  2. Debs says:

    So I’ve stopped crying long enough to say thank you Vez! I will forgive you for sabotaging the blog because you said such nice things. I will not as easily forgive you for that picture being out in the public domain! Seriously though I’ll miss you too. Lots :( xxx

  3. Debs says:

    Thanks Jen :D I think I may just pop some Canadian adventure stuff on Belle Amour at the weekends. I don’t think I could handle three blogs! :D There’s always Facebook too ;) xxx

  4. Lol Lol Lol I love that moustache picture!

  5. Jasmin says:

    Don’t worry, Verity! We’re really excited to welcome one of UK’s brightest and original bloggers. Debs is going to take over Canada one city at a time. ;)

  6. Gavin says:

    Good luck Debs, how am I going to fill my time now I’m not going to get roped into finishing dolls houses etc :-)

  7. Verity says:

    You better look after her Jasmine, or there’ll be trouble! ;o)

    Thanks for the picture appreciation Amma! ‘Some’ people weren’t quite as welcoming, were they DEBS!! He he!

    Are you really SURE you have to go?? :'( Only kidding, although I’d love you not to leave, I’m actually quite looking forward to having free accommodation for my Canadian holidays!! ;o) xx

  8. Jo Slater-Jefferies says:

    Debs, Have a fantastic time in Canada!! We’ll keep you up to date with pictures of the boys (and campervan!). See you at Christmas. Lots of Love, Jo, Nathan, Cody and Marly xxxx

  9. Debs says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments you guys! I am now in Toronto! Woo! :D xxx

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