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Ellie’s 6th Birthday

If you can look at the photographs I am about to show you and not say WOW then you need to see (no pun intended) your optician! This party is any little girl’s dream and I am doing my best not to let Alice see it for fear of disappointment next year!

Not only is this a fantastic party, but it has also been documented beautifully by Ellie’s very talented photographer Mum, Pascale Wowak. The theme was thought up by Ellie, but the party itself was put together by Lindsey of Blue Egg Events and an amazing amount of work has gone in to making it this beautiful, but how worth it!

First of all, the guests were greeted by this enormous ‘Happy Birthday Eliana’ sign made entirely from twigs and leaves.

Happy birthday sign Pascale Wowak

The girls used ‘treasure’ (twigs, leaves and moss) found around the fantastic location of Henry Cowell State Park to decorate fairy houses (so cute!)

Woodland Fairy treasure hunt Pascale WowakWoodland Fairy decorate fairy house Pascale Wowak

Then there was the food…

Woodland Fairy food1 Pascale WowakWoodland Fairy food2 Pascale WowakWoodland Fairy food3 Pascale WowakWoodland Fairy wings Pascale Wowak

“Squirrel Nut Mix” (trail mix), “Fairy Fruit Wands” (grapes with star-shaped melon pieces), “Pixie Dust Sandwiches” (flower-shaped almond butter and jelly/jam sandwiches) and “Toadstool Cheese” (cheese sticks, cherry tomatoes and crackers)

Their moss covered place mats and nameplates are gorgeous

Woodland Fairy placemats and nameplates

And what about these cookies?! Yes, cookies!!

Woodland Fairy cookies Pascale Wowak

Then for dessert? Fairy Fluff Pies with fairy dust (sugar) of course :)

Woodland Fairy fluff pies Pascale Wowak

And here is the star of the show, the birthday girl herself, showing off her beautifully decorated fairy house, looking about as happy as a little girl who just had the best birthday party ever!

Woodland Fairy Ellie Pascale Wowak

A huge thank you to Pascale for letting us share this party with you! Pop over to Pascale’s blog to see even more amazing pictures of this party, and others, and check out some of Blue Egg Events’ other parties on Facebook.

Why don’t you use this party as inspiration for your next? I don’t suppose many of us have access to an area like this, or the time to put ALL of these details together, but even just a few of the finer points would make for a pretty gorgeous Woodland Fairy party. Or even, just use the woodland backdrop, non-fairy related food, build a den and toast some marshmallows and you have the boy version! And if you do it, send us some pics!

 Heart Verity

Nursery Inspiration : Showers & Shine

I love bringing you photos of real rooms for inspiration but there’s a limit to it… the room has to exist! And some of the rooms I dream up in my head don’t exist or at least I haven’t come across them on the internet. So I’ve decided to create nursery inspiration boards: a collection of images and ideas to create a lovely themed room for the little one. First up is ‘Showers & Shine’. There’s a lot of cloud themed items for baby because fluffy clouds are just so cute! But I’d also add a dash of sunshine to keep baby smiling :D


  1. Raincloud mobile from The Butter Flying
  2. Cloud lamp from IKEA
  3. Cot from Sebra
  4. Little clouds cradle quilt and pillow from Alphabet Monkey
  5. DIY cloud rug project by Lifeflix
  6. Cloud chair by Design House Stockholm
  7. Rise & Shine print by Elissa Hudson
  8. White cloud decals by 41 Orchard

So what do you think of the new feature? And have you a particular nursery idea in mind you’d like me to create an inspiration board for? Because I’m always up for a challenge ;D

 Heart Debs

Dwell Studio – bathtime

Children’s bathroom attire in our house is rarely any more imaginative or exciting than pink, fluffy and usually, with ears (cruelty?!). Well no more! Not since I discovered Dwell Studio’s bathtime collection.
They say – Rooted in midcentury style with a hip modern edge, DwellStudio delivers a collection with urban appeal and eco-friendly standards.
I say – super cool prints for little people of all ages!
Check out these hooded towels:

Sparrows towel dwell studioPaper dolls towel dwell studioGio towel dwell studioSkyline towel dwell studioTowels - dwell studioTowels girl - dwell studioTowels boy - dwell studio

And they also have matching wash cloth sets…

Sparrows washmitt dwell studioPaper dolls washmitt dwell studioGio washmitt dwell studioSkyline washmitt dwell studio

AND hooded bath wraps!

Paper dolls bath wrap dwell studioDwell studio bath wrapsSparrow bath wrap dwell studio

Love them!

No matter where you are in the world, you can find your nearest Dwell Studio store here.

 Heart Verity

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