Miniature Men

Something guaranteed to make me smile is seeing little boys dressed like their daddies. It’s a look often seen at weddings and christenings, when the little ones don formal-looking satin waistcoats (and are usually found skidding across the floor on their knees!) Well today I want to show you that the waistcoat and that ‘Mini Man’ look doesn’t have to be reserved for formal occasions only, there are loads of very cool, casual options available everywhere.


  1. Limited Edition 2 piece set from Mamas and Papas
  2. Merino wool design by Evedragedesigns on Etsy
  3. Upcycled jeans by Strawberry Blushes on Misi
  4. Rockstar waistcoat from Down With The Kids on Misi
  5. Reversible cotton flannel ‘Alexander’ by Dapper Dudes on Etsy
  6. Hand knitted Merino waistcoat from Not On The High Street
  7. ‘Hendrix’ Waistcoat from Monsoon
  8. Reversible cotton ‘Eli’ by Dapper Dudes on Etsy
  9. Jean Bourget chocolate vest from West Village Kids

I can’t help but love ‘Hendrix’ – just too cool!

And if you can’t find the perfect one for your little gentleman, how about making your own? There are lots of reversible waistcoat patterns available online, like this one from Angel Lea on Etsy.

Now I just need to have a boy so I have someone to buy them for! :)

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