Kids say the funniest things…

…and we’d like to feature them here! As a new mini feature for Sundays we thought it would be lovely to feature a few little funny things children have said. This is one feature we can’t do without your help though! And so, if you have a little one that makes you laugh we’d love to hear from you!

The blog aside, documenting all the funny things your child says is a great idea; my Mum wrote them in a diary when I was little and I loved reading them when I got older :)

Preserving memories

When amazing photographer and lovely lady Xanthe learnt of the new feature she let us know about an idea she saw on the Inchmark blog. She now writes down things her boys have said that make her smile and pops them in a jar. And she took a few pics so I can show you just how cute it looks…


A jar full of memories… better than jam that! And I think if you start one yourself you should send some this way ;)

Here’s a couple of cute quotes from Xanthe’s jar…


So please do get in touch with what your child has said that made you smile, their first name and their age and you could see it appear here one Sunday! And ask everybody you know with children if they’d like to join in too, the more the merrier!

Have a lovely Sunday :)

 Heart Debs & Verity

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