Belle Bébés has another blogger!

In twelve days I leave the UK for a year in Canada and I know my life is going to get insanely busy. One of my fears is neglecting this blog of mine. I don’t want to stop blogging and I have a lot of ideas to make this blog bigger and better but I have to admit that to give it the attention it deserves will be a struggle. And so, when a friend offered to help I jumped at the chance! Not only because it will help ease the pressure that daily blogging can bring but also because she is a mum of two and therefore has an insight into motherhood that I will never have until I’ve produced little ones of my own!

And so please let me introduce you to Verity and her insanely adorable girls Alice and Beatrice…


Regular readers of this blog may have seen Verity’s comments appearing at the end of posts (she’s the one that cries at everything!) and she is also the party planner behind that awesome princess party I featured recently! I know she’ll be a fantastic blogger as she gets just as excited over parties and cool kid’s rooms as I do yet she’ll also be able to review products and books by testing them on her little ones.

For the photographers…

With Verity coming on board I’ve decided to make a few other changes too. Shoots will be appearing on Saturdays again but due to the volume I’m getting I’m afraid I will just be featuring shoots that have something a little different about them, possibly a unique location or interesting props. Instead I would like to showcase photographers’ work accompanying interviews on them. So, photographers, if you would like to take the interview just email me here please! (I will still be featuring the photo shoots I already have lined up if you’ve sent one recently).

Kids say the funniest things…

And for Sundays I would love to start a new mini-feature called ‘Kids say the funniest things’. This is one I can’t write myself and so I would love your help with it! Basically if your little one or any child you know has ever come out with something that made you laugh please let me know so I can put them on the blog. Just email me with ‘Kids say the funniest things’ in the title bar. I love hearing about the random things children say and so think others may like it too :)

And finally, as always, I am on the lookout for parties to feature, real rooms to show off and any products or toys you’d like us to mention. Please get in touch here.

At 10am Verity’s first post will be on the blog, please give her a warm welcome, she’s a little nervous, but I know she’ll be fab :)

 Heart Debs

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5 Responses to “Belle Bébés has another blogger!”

  1. lisa longton says:

    I agree that verity will be fab too! Good luck in canada! X

  2. Verity says:

    Thanks for the support Lisa! I will try not to disappoint :o) x

  3. debbie says:

    Thanks Lisa! I’m so happy Verity’s on board, especially if it means more cute pics like the one above ;) x

  4. Alicia says:

    Good luck in Canada Debs!!!
    Welcome Verity!!

  5. Debs says:

    Thanks Alicia :D

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