The founder of Threadless, Jake Nickell won a T-shirt designing contest once upon a time and thought it would be an interesting idea to have a continuing call for for T-shirt design submissions that were then printed on tees. With the help of his friend Jacob DeHart, Threadless was created and after a few years it had grown into a big business.

The amazing thing with Threadless is the community decide which tees get printed. Anyone, anywhere can submit designs and the community then vote over a 7 day period. This gives Threadless an idea of what to print based on the design’s popularity.

Because of this process, and not just two people picking what they like, the end result is many amazing T-shirts that appeal to many people and therefore may well just appeal to you too!

There are loads for adults but here are a few of the designs that would be great for the little ones in your life…


And even these designs can be found on adult tees. And rightly so; I’d wear them! Although I do hate the thought of that little cookie in bed getting eaten and so probably couldn’t wear that one!

 Heart Debs

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