The Small Object

Absolutely everything that Sarah, behind The Small Object, creates is utterly adorable! And I’m pretty certain that people would smile more with adorable stuff sitting on their shelves!

Stuff such as this…

The Small Object

That gorgeous rosette with swaddled baby would be perfect for the nursery!

Tell me a story

These dice are a cute but educational toy for your child. Let them roll the dice and then the images can inspire them to tell a story. They can even circle the images rolled on the printed paper provided and write their story down…

The Small Object

Sweet stamps

Buy these cute stamps for your little ones, some ink and a pad of paper and let them go stamping crazy. You could even draw simple scenes with houses and hills for them to add the characters to…

The Small Object

Adorable art

And then there’s lovely artwork, such as The Thumb War battle of 1857 created with thumb prints!

The Small Object

People-filled print

And this last print I’m sharing I love even more because of what is written underneath the image…

“Today is a wonderful day. I will meet many amazing people today. Today I might meet an astronaut, a teacher, an accountant, a graphic designer or an international pop star. You never know. I might just meet the person who dares to dream big enough that they change the world in two years. It is entirely possible. Anything is possible. I will smile at new faces. I will ask how they are doing. I will pause and listen to their response. I shall glean what I can from their experiences and I will try to remember together we can do amazing things. We are amazing people. I am no exception. It’s time for a walk. It’s time to sit outside. It’s time to shake a few more hands.”

The Small Object

Surely that’s a fabulous message to teach your little one!

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