Six siblings

I’ve featured lots of shoots with one child, sometimes shoots with two, definitely never with six! Six children is a lot, not only for the parents to handle but also for a photographer to try and get beautiful images of them!

Well in this case Sam Clayton did an exceptional job, capturing natural candid shots which I not only prefer but I imagine are a little easier to take than getting six children to all look one way and smile! Here she is with a little more info on this lovely shoot…

A pastor’s present

My aunt and uncle were trying to think of a gift to give to the assistant pastor of their church, and his wife, who was leaving to take up the pastorate of a church elsewhere. They asked me if I would do a photo shoot of the their children as a surprise gift. Of course I would. Then my uncle told me there were six children in this family! “OK! No problem, I said.”

Well it was definitely no problem, these were the most amazing group of siblings I have come across. Aged from 3 years to 12 years, five sisters and one brother. All very different in looks and personality. They played together, cared for each other, laughed together & had fun together.

Everything that is depicted in these images happened spontaneously and naturally. And I had the most fun!

The most amazing thing about this shoot is that their parents never found out until presented with an album of images 3 months later. Yes, there were tears…

And here they all are: Laura, Catrin, George, Lucy, Eleri & Meredith!


 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Sam Clayton website
Sam Clayton blog
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Phone: 01772 735434
Mobile: 07793 433311

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2 Responses to “Six siblings”

  1. Verity says:

    How incredibly gorgeous!! Brought a tear (or 2) to my eye. So so lovely. I think I need to have 6 children… :o)

  2. debbie says:

    I think you do too. And I’ll help you plan all their parties :D

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