Lil’ Lola

Xanthe Berkeley photographed lil’ Lola when she was a bump in her mum’s tummy and when she was only 3 hours old! That beautiful shoot can be seen here, but the adorable shoot I am showing today is of Lola at 3 months old. Xanthe is also due to photograph Lola again before her 1st birthday as part of the ‘Bump to One’ sessions she offers. I love the idea of having professional images taken at several stages throughout your little one’s first year; such an important time and everybody tells me it goes so fast…

Lola by Xanthe Berkeley

And by having several shoots you can also have fantastic comparison shots:

Lola by Xanthe Berkeley

Just lovely.

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Xanthe Berkeley website
Contact Xanthe
Phone: 07890 234 578

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