Krista & Kayla

If by any chance you’re reading this and are not broody then I think the following photos may change things because Krista & Kayla are just adorable! They’re also up for anything when it comes to having their photos taken! Of course a lot of the work involved in these photos will be down to clever positioning by their dad, photographer Jason Lee, and some Photoshop magic but they do know all the right faces to pull. And look very cute indeed when pulling those faces!


Silly shots

These images make me want to a) have children! and b) get really good at photography because how fun would the family photo album be?!


And stunning shots

Of course alongside all the silly shots, Jason captures the incredible beauty of his girls too…


I am in awe of all his images.

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
JWL Photography website
JWL Photography blog
Krista & Kayla: a photo journal of 2 sisters
Contact Jason
Phone: 415.806.4861

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