A Royal Round-up

That Royal Wedding is getting ever closer and I’m running out of time to fashion some sort of street party! I must talk to the neighbours soon because I really don’t fancy passing on a party especially for an event that most of the country will be celebrating!

It’s amazing the amount of merchandise that comes with an event like this, so many opportunities to cash in on the romance. But if you’re genuinely excited by the Royal romance and want your children to join in here are a few ideas you might like…


There are several books that have popped up becuase of the Royal Wedding, such as:


If you want to incorporate some crafting then these princess bride and Union Jack bugs will do the trick…

Knitted Royals

Why not knit them dolls to play with using the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book


Just prepare them for disappointment when Postman Pat doesn’t actually marry Kate on the 29th of April!

Meerkat Majesties

Or if you can’t knit you could just buy knitted toys instead, although these ones are meerkats

Dress-up dolls

All little girls need dress up paper-dollies at some point in their life and these ones are posh paper people!

Let Them Eat Cake

Cake… definitely needed to munch on whilst watching the nuptials. With these cupcake toppers you can really get in the mood or just make some Union Jacks with your little ones instead…

A HappyLand Wedding

Thanks to my lovely cousin-in-law Jen for pointing out this adorable HappyLand Royal Wedding Set. Jen’s actually bought one insisting it’s for her 2 year old son. I’m not convinced ;)

Royal Party Parade

Even Belle & Boo are commemorating the special event with a totally gorgeous and totally tasteful print of a party parade

Yay for Sylvanian Families!

I love Sylvanian Families! I will have to do a post on Sylvanian Families at some point, purely for nostalgic indulgence. They’re even celebrating William & Kate’s wedding with this insanely cute wedding set, available for pre-order now!

Royal Tea

And while you wait patiently for your children to put their new toys down so you can have a go… sit back, relax and sup on Royal Tea

Perhaps a little mean they seem to have depicted Kate as a gold-digger!

 Heart Debs

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  1. Jen says:

    I love all these things – I’ll take one of everything! :D

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