Inflatable lights

I love the idea of having quirky lighting in your little one’s room. I featured the Stitch lamp a couple of weeks ago and today I have some unusual but amazing creations from TOBYHouse

Sky lights

First up we have the UFO shaped light that despite looking solid is actually made of soft PVC, it looks ultra modern and is a nice ambient light for a little one’s room on it’s own but it would be even cooler to have a UFO themed room! Perhaps for older children, don’t want to scare young ones with weird little green men on the walls ;) The cloud lamp is perfect for a nursery, I love how the bulb is positioned to look like the sun peeping out from behind the cloud! Painting the walls with lots of clouds and then positioning this on there too would look amazing!


Doily delights

Next up, are amazing doily lamps! These aren’t available in the shop section yet but I wanted to show them anyway (hopefully they’ll be available to buy soon!) The big round ones would look lovely in a nursery, whilst the lamps are perfect for an adult bedroom or living space. The bases are created using TOBYHouse’s pioneering resin treatment so whilst it looks like a squidgy helium balloon it’s actually rock hard!


Blown up and bulbed

And then there’s the inflatable series! These are PVC inflatables used with their treatment that renders them hard on the inside and untouched on the outside, even the blowhole remains visible! These would make such a cool addition to a kid’s room!


I love the last image of the beach ball collection, although at £275 a lamp it wouldn’t be cheap to recreate! Good job just the one light looks amazing too ;)

 Heart Debs

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