Stupidly cute Simeon

When Simeon reached ‘sitting stage’ the Hope family decided it was time for a shoot of the three of them and asked Hannah Beatrice to take the pictures. The result is a so-cute-you-could-cry set of images!

Hannah had wanted to do the shoot outdoors but the sun thought otherwise and decided to hide behind some rain clouds, so they were instead taken in the family’s home. To be honest you could take pictures of this adorable boy, with his cute curls, anywhere and they’d look gorgeous…


And in good ol’ saving the best ’til last fashion I had to put this next one at the end because it really made me grin :)


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3 Responses to “Stupidly cute Simeon”

  1. A. Sharma says:

    The pictures clearly show how good You are with not just adults but children too.

    My favorites are the last two…absolutely spot on.

    They must love them.

    P.s. Oh…cute baby or what! Parents – well done you. :-)

  2. That face lick is ridiculously adorable in that last shot, what a cute baby, and a lovely family! So cute!

  3. Gorgeous images – particularly love the baby licking Dad’s face !

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