Let’s have more parties!

Us Brits just don’t party enough! We often don’t have bridal showers or baby showers, we don’t celebrate Halloween like the Americans do, maybe it’s because the majority of us don’t have the big porch that I see on so many amazing American houses; a porch that has to have pumpkins on it!

Boy or girl?

Of course I’m stereotyping but, from what I’ve seen, Americans just party more and today I have a perfect example because as of 3 days ago I had actually never come across a Gender-Reveal Party! I should quickly say that this is in no way some weird party full of flashers! As it does sound a little rude! No, no, no! This is actually a really sweet party idea where a mummy and daddy-to-be let all their loved ones know if they’re having a girl or a boy in some inventive way!

Now I’m a big believer of not finding out the sex of the baby before birth, I’d really like the surprise. But of course there’s nothing wrong with finding out the sex and lots do for all sorts of reasons such as they simply can’t wait or they’re wondering whether the existing pink or blue clothes from their first born will do for second baby or have they some shopping to do!

So, if you are planning on finding out the gender of your baby rather than simply tell people why not have a party! Any excuse right?

It’s all in the icing

One popular idea to reveal the baby’s gender is to have something pink or blue concealed inside something you eat… such as the icing inside a cake. And this is where you can take the gender reveal party one step further! Some people, rather than find out the sex of their baby at their ultrasound appointment, actually have the ultrasound technician phone a cake-making friend or a baker to tell them what colour to make the icing inside the cake! So even the parents don’t know what their baby is going to be until cake time! I actually really love this idea! How exciting would that party be?!

I have an example of one such party. When And Everything Sweet blogger and baker Kate’s friend Jenny fell pregnant they decided to have a gender reveal party. After their 20 week ultrasound Jenny had the ultrasound technician give Kate a call with the gender information and Kate baked a cake with either blue icing for a boy or pink for a girl. All their closest friends and family were invited, asked to wear pink or blue depending on their guess and at 8.30pm they cut the cake to find out who was right!


And it’s a…



Pretty amazing right?! Of course you have to be incredibly restrained to have a party like this! I think if it was me I’d be cutting into that cake as soon as I got there! But if you like the idea and would love to do something similar yourself I found some fantastic cookies over at Sugar Derby

Cake-ball cookies

These cookies look regular on the outside, admittedly with a bit of a bump:


But when you bite into them the bump, actually a cake ball, reveals the gender:


So good! These would also be a great idea for a child’s birthday party. You could have one cookie with one colour and all the rest another colour and the child that finds the odd-one-out cookie wins a prize :) Actually these would be a great idea just to make and eat, they look really tasty. If you’d like to find out how to make these just head to this post on the amazing Sugar Derby blog.

So what do you think? Is this an idea you could see yourself trying? I would love to know!

 Heart Debs

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3 Responses to “Let’s have more parties!”

  1. This is such a great idea! And gorgeous party. I too think we should have more parties in the UK! You could also use the cookie idea in a Hen party – put different coloured cake balls in, each colour associated with different dare or challenge for the bride. Love it x

  2. Jordanna says:

    Wow Debs I just love those cookies…ace idea! x

  3. Jen says:

    I love this idea! If I’d heard of this before I would have had another reason to find out the gender!! x

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