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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved Russian dolls. I’ve always loved discovering how tiny the tiniest doll is in a set. The smaller the doll the better :) My love has grown since artists have started buying wooden blanks and creating Russian dolls that don’t feature the traditional faces and patterns. So much scope!

Allistair (aka Hole in my Pocket) creates Russian dolls that would be great for children and adults alike. There’s George, several dragons and a dragon egg in one set. Another features a mild mannered business man, his alternate ego Meteorman and the radioactive meteor which gave him his special powers. I adore the Adam and Eve collection with Cain, Able, Seth, evil snake and the apple missing a chunk! And there’s also a brass band with a teeny cute bird and a pirate set with a seagull! They’re all ace!


Allistair’s shop stocks a range of prints too and whilst most of them are aimed at adults I can see some of them being right at home in a modern nursery…


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