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If you’re a fan of chic Scandinavian design and have a little one in need of child-friendly furniture then Leander is a very good find. Their products not only look good but the way they work is impressive too…

Rock a bye baby

Leander’s cradle hangs from one central point meaning it can swing any which way easily thus making the movements more free and natural. As well as it being easier for the parent to rock their child, the baby’s wriggling can make the cradle sway too which helps it develop body awareness and a sense of orientation. The cradle can be suspended on its legs or from the ceiling.


Cot to Bed

This ingenious piece of design changes with your child. It begins as a cot, with the position of the mattress being high up to allow easy access to a tiny baby, but as they get bigger you can lower the mattress keeping them safe behind bars! When they’re big enough to not need the safety bars you can remove them and the cot becomes a bed!


Changeable chair

Another brilliant piece! A changeable chair that starts as a high chair with a safety brace to hold the child in but, again, it adapts as the child grows. You can remove the safety brace and lower the seat and foot rest or even remove that completely too.


From diapers to a desk

Another item to buy for baby is a changing table that definitely won’t be needed when your little one has grown up. Although this one will because it can convert into a desk! So clever…


I love that Leander have really thought about how they can make a piece of furniture evolve and change as your child does. Good work!

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