Felt food

Felt food is fab! Fact! I don’t know why but fabric imitating food makes me happy. And Sílvia from Portugal is an expert in imitating food with felt! She loves to create items inspired by her own childhood and her daughter’s that can encourage pretend play and invests her time and love into her creations, and it shows! Her felt food is beautifully thought out and stitched together and they’ve even been tested! So what’s it to be? Sausage & egg, a cup of tea, cute cupcakes, beautiful biscuits or perhaps a plate of Farfalle (that’s Action Man bowties to any Alan Partridge fans)…


Cute! You can see all of Sílvia’s past creations in her Etsy shop and on her Flickr page and simply email her
if you’d like to place an order. Time for felt tea!

 Heart Debs

Felt Food Details:
Sílvia’s Etsy shop
Sílvia’s Flickr
Sílvia’s blog
Contact Sílvia

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2 Responses to “Felt food”

  1. Sílvia says:

    Thank you for featuring my toys, Debbie! Your blog is lovely, and it is wonderful to see those pics here. I wish you all the best.

  2. debbie says:

    You’re very welcome Silvia, your felt toys are fantastic :)

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