Baby faces

I love the faces babies make, especially one in today’s post where little Jaymie looks a tad annoyed at being photographed – so cute! Heline Bekker took these sweet shots and it’s actually her first newborn shoot so I’m happy to be sharing it with you all. Here’s what Heline said about the shoot…

His mommy Jeanelene invited me to come over and take some photos of Jaymie. On the day of the shoot he was only 12 days old! Jaymie was born on the 26th January 2011 at 23:34, weighing 3.064kg.

On the day Jaymie didn’t really want to have his photo taken. But I sneaked some photos in anyway! We just went for a relaxed approach as we didn’t want to upset the little guy…


Love the shots of his tiny hands and feet and that last one too – such a sweet little face :)

Photographer Details:
Heline Bekker website
Heline Bekker blog
Contact Heline
Phone: 079 2168 1490
Area covered: London, South East London, Kent and Essex

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3 Responses to “Baby faces”

  1. Thank you very much for the feature. It looks great! :)
    H x

  2. Jeanelene says:

    Oh my goodness, I just came across these! What wonderful memories! The little guy is now ‘n feisty red head toddler and still not keen on having his photo taken! ;-)

  3. Debs says:

    Aww I just clicked on your blog and saw a picture of him all grown up! And a little girl too! How lovely :)

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