A quilted gift

If you ever pop on over to my wedding blog Belle Amour you may have read my post on quilts for weddings recently. Quilts are, of course, also fantastic for little ones. And the idea I’m sharing today is a particularly lovely one. When crafty lady Sophie learnt her friends, Alice and Jon, were expecting she wanted to make a quilt for the baby. But then she decided if the quilt was a collaboration from a few of their friends it would make it much more special! So Sophie and her friends Julene, Polly & Corinne all got together and shared out the squares…


Once the individual squares were complete they had to be stitched together, ironed flat and then have wadding added to the back. Then it was passed to the quilter of the group, Polly, who added a border and hand-finished the quilt with zig-zag stitiching along the borders and straight stitching around the squares.


Here is the totally gorgeous result:


I’m sure little Holly, born on the 12th of February, loves it and one day will excitedly pass it on to her first child :)

 Heart Debs

P.S. For more images and info head over to Sophie’s lovely blog Sew Far So Good.

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3 Responses to “A quilted gift”

  1. wow! I love it. The applique is maybe just a bit too complex for me but gorgeous all the same!

  2. Inga says:

    Wow this is gorgeous, I would love it if my friends gave me something as personal as this, stunning and such a great keepsake, wish I had the talent and patience to do something like this myself! :-)

  3. sophie says:

    Thanks for your post about my quilt. I do some commissions now, so feel free to get in touch.

    Sophie x

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