Thankful for friends

Most of us Brits don’t seem to ‘do’ baby showers. Which I think is a shame. I love the idea of your friends all being in one place at such an exciting time to chat about the future and how your life is going to change irrevocably. Sometimes life can get too hectic and there are very few moments to get all your closest friends together and share a beautiful afternoon over cake and coffee. A baby shower, therefore, is a perfect excuse to go all out with the baking and the creativity and to spend a delightful day in the company of your favourite friends that you are just so thankful for…

Although this pretty party wasn’t a baby shower there’s no reason why it couldn’t be! And it could also easily be taken indoors which is a warmer option for us Brits :)

As the last thing you want to be doing when heavily pregnant is baking all day, get the guests to bring along their own sweet treats for you all to share.

A particularly lovely idea is the photo booth for memories of the time before you became ‘mum’. Moustaches are of course optional…

Awesome images courtesy of Simply Rosie

With thanks to the lovely Rosie for these gorgeous images!

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