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I’m a huge fan of products that you can personalise. And Stitch by Lampgustaf is one of them! A simple shade that is covered in holes becomes a quirky canvas for adding your embroidery ideas to. You become the designer and decide exactly how you want your shade to look.

Select a size

There are three sizes to choose from…


Preparing patterns

And to help you create your lamp there is a pattern maker on the website where you can select colours and click the grid to add a stitch. It also lets you write text or choose from a few ready-made images and then handily shows you what your lamp will look like when in 3D form! Here’s what I designed…


Of course you can work any way you want to create your design, perhaps you’d find gridded paper easier?

Lovely lights

Your lamp will come with a needle and 8 embroidery colours and is a fantastic way to add a hand-crafted touch to your little one’s room.

Go check out the galleries for images and ideas from other Stitch lamp-lovers!


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