Stairs with style!

Stairs can be so boring! I know they serve a purpose and are extremely good at getting you from downstairs to upstairs but wouldn’t it be amazing if they were just a little more interesting?! Well they can be! And for those of you with little ones how about these images for ideas…


Image sources from top to bottom & left to right:

  1. Striped stairs,
  2. Story stairs,
  3. Educational stairs,
  4. Slide stairs,

1. Striped stairs

With a lot of masking tape and patience you could achieve stairs this stunning! Colours and amount of stripes used can be totally up to you! How much would this brighten up a normally dull area of the house?! And little ones would love it!

2. Story stairs

I love this idea of making each step a book! You could choose your favourite classics; books that you already have, or fully intend, to share to your child :)

3. Educational stairs

Not only does this look classic and cool but it will help children learn! Yay for mixing pretty with education!

4. Slide stairs

Clearly the best! And what a way to come downstairs in the morning! Little ones will love this and I’m pretty sure the adults would end up using it too!

5. Piano stairs

And finally an ambitious, but not impossible, idea for those budding electricians amongst you…

Video source: Youtube clip

How cool?!

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