Snowflakes & cupcakes

Little snow baby Ella’s 1st birthday is on the blog today and boy is it a beauty! Thank you to Heather at Eclectic Images for letting me share these amazing pictures…

First birthday’s can be a relaxed affair with a few presents and cake at home or they can be extravagant and stunning and this party is of the latter variety. Held at Wild Onion Ranch in Texas, Ella’s grandma, mum and auntie did an amazing job on the details and decoration! With it being held in winter, snowflakes were the theme and featured in decorative trees, hanging from chandeliers, around the favours, in the floral centrepieces and there was even a snowflake ice sculpture! As well as Ella’s birthday outfit, above, sporting them too!


So so pretty! I love that Ella has angel wings on too – so adorable! And obviously I’m completely taken with the pom-pommed party hat!

Just a few final photos for you… the birthday girl enjoying her birthday cake!


Awww :)

 Heart Debs

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