Illustrated plates

For parents with a love of vintage, this one’s for you :) I came across Kelly’s adorable plates in her Etsy shop: The Storybook Rabbit. Kelly takes already gorgeous vintage plates and adds her charming illustrations of animals to them. I believe these would look just beautiful in a nursery or child’s bedroom…

The Storybook Rabbit Plates

And an amazing idea for a feature wall: collect lots of lovely plates and arrange as so…

The Storybook Rabbit display

Bunny brooch

Kelly also makes adorable brooches for older people that can mess with pins :)

The Storybook Rabbit display brooches

I do love the collection on a wall though and also think this would make a gorgeous feature in a little one’s bedroom!

So if you have a love of vintage, illustrations of forest-dwelling animals or just pretty things in general get yourself over to The Storybook Rabbit and pick out a plate :)

 Heart Debs

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The Storybook Rabbit Etsy shop.
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